Mobile Design & Development

The popularity of smart phones (iPhones, Android and Blackberry) is increasing quickly, especially in Canada where 33% of all mobile phone subscribers now have smart phones.  With so many people now browsing websites using their smart phones, it’s important to ensure that your website is optimized for them.  Offering a different design for smart phones is a must, simplifying the graphics and layout to scale to the smaller screen size.  It’s often also important to offer a shorter and simplified version of your website’s content, tailored to quick searching and browsing.

Cornerstone developed mobile websites have the following advantages:

  • easy to browse and navigate using a touch interface
  • quick to download
  • scale to accommodate a wide range of screen sizes of the most popular smart phones
  • replace flash elements not supported on iPhones
  • ensure graceful degradation of javascript functions not supported on all mobile browsers