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  • View Post 5 Questions With… Cameron Prockiw

    5 Questions With… Cameron Prockiw

    Cam is our benevolent leader here at Cornerstone. As CEO his responsibilities are intense, to be sure, but he still manages to remain relatively human. Read on! 1. What is your favourite part about working at Cornerstone? Pushing the boundaries and learning new technologies. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest trends and introduces something…

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  • View Post 5 Questions with… Brad

    5 Questions with… Brad

    Brad is one of our crazy-awesome front-end devs. Not only handsome, but a snappy dresser to boot! And here’s what he has to say about some things: 1. What is your favourite part about working at Cornerstone? “The Cream Soda in the fridge. It’s amazing. It’s actually being able to come to work and have…

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  • View Post Ortho4D site launched

    Ortho4D site launched

    Cornerstone, together with its partners at Material Insight and The Brigade, are proud to announce the release of the new ‘teaser site’ for Ortho4D. This mobile-friendly site, built on WordPress, boasts an impressive JavaScript-based animation, and helps to drive leads for Oral 4D’s industry-leading Ortho4D dental software.

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  • View Post Bordeaux Properties Website Goes Live

    Bordeaux Properties Website Goes Live

    Cornerstone has launched the new Bordeaux Properties website. This site highlights past and present projects of Bordeaux, and communicates their brand and values in a visually stunning way. The site is fully responsive, and was built with the latest version of WordPress. We’re proud to have partnered once again with our friends at Foundry Communications…

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  • View Post What does TLS, SSL and SET mean to your E-commerce business?

    What does TLS, SSL and SET mean to your E-commerce business?

    With the rapid growth in the internet over the past years and, more importantly, the popularity of online shopping, online security is an increasingly vital element of E-commerce. Specifically, online shoppers need to feel completely confident that their credit card and banking details are secure and can’t be accessed by hackers. SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) was…

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  • View Post Will E-commerce kill Walmart?

    Will E-commerce kill Walmart?

    The question really is – will the Amazon juggernaut run down smaller brick and mortar stores like Walmart and Target, even beating their online sales to death as well? Amazon has clearly stomped all over Walmart, by not only beating them with their online sales, but by encroaching on Walmart’s vast range of staple products…

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