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Cold Email Marketing – The Awesome Guide

Are you looking to find blogging success using cold email marketing? Thousands of businesses have succeeded with cold email campaigns to make their business grow. You can also use this strategy to grow your blog in a big way. Cold email is the one you send to people who are not asking you for anything, and, and it’s’s the opposite of spam emails.

Cold email is a potent tool for getting leads into your sales funnel. Most successful digital marketers use this tactic to generate more information in the shortest amount of time with little to no money spent on advertising. Writing better cold emails can make all the difference, whether better cold emails can make all the difference, whether you are trying to gain customers, clients, or leads online.

What is a Cold Email?

Cold emails are initial emails you send to a prospect when you don’t have a prior relationship. A cold email can be used to sell something and or outreach when you don’t know the recipient very well.

Cold email marketing is the process of using email outreach as a channel to accomplish your objectives over time. For example, you might send a warm email and follow up with potential contacts within 24 hours.

3 Steps to an effective cold email strategy

1. Personalize Cold Emails

Personalization—the act of including a prospect’s name, company name, and other unique details in your marketing messages—is an essential aspect of successful email marketing. Personalization is a powerful way to differentiate yourself in your prospect’s inbox.

Want a painless way to write a compelling introductory sentence? Start by mentioning where you found your prospect. It’s a simple but powerful way to show you care enough to add personal touches to your outreach campaign.

Have you done any research on their company? I was wondering if you might have an interview lined up with anyone in the news or if you’re thinking of reaching out to any startups that have just received funding. Capturing a prospect’s attention is about more than just what you write. Showing that you understand their industry and can match your expertise to their needs will make them far more likely to respond.

You can specifically cite an example of a time when you helped someone in a similar position as your prospect with a similar goal. Or, you can cite examples of opportunities to do the same kind of work that your prospect is responsible for.

Again, here’s the part where I’ll be suggesting to you a Good resource that’s worth reading and explains all the above stuff in an easy manner. Believe me, there’s no rocket science in it. My Friend Jeremy over at quickmail.io has a more detailed and in-depth guide on how to personalize cold emails perfectly. Make sure you read it, cause he promised that he’ll be giving me some cookies and chocolates if you guys find them useful. So, if you find it useful and did learn something from it, do let him know so that I can demand my Cookies and chocolates. God, I’ve missed them.

Cookies Please

3. Catchy Subject Line + Email opening Lines

If you want to grab a potential customer’s attention, try using personalization in your subject lines. You can include specific information like the prospect’s name or title, or ask a question relevant to them. This helps customers feel like they have a personal relationship with your company and can make it easier for you to deliver value.

According to a recent survey, when email marketing messages include products and offer information related to the customer’s interests, 55 percent of recipients report that they like this type of content. Email personalization is a successful tactic because effective B2B marketers know their customers’ pain points and what solutions they may be interested in.

So if you have a catchy subject line that you think would improve the open rates, go for it. Don’t be afraid. Take the leap of faith.

Email opening lines are extremely important and useful because that’s what the receiver is going to look at as soon as they open the E-mail. Make sure that there is a perfect hook at the beginning of the email so that they are interested in reading the complete email. Do not; I repeat, Do not copy E-mail templates from the Internet because well, they have been used like a million times by other users. If you use the right opening lines, your cold email campaign can do wonders. Well, don’t worry if you’re looking for some super ” Ultimate Guide ” for Email opening lines, My friend Ivana ( pronounced Evana🥲 )took her time and put out a list of 37 Email opening lines to get the best out of your next cold email campaign. I didn’t believe her either. But well, here are the results below. So yeah, Evanaa it works🙌

You can see the clear change in the second sequence of the emails. Damn, look at those numbers. It really worked. The sad part is that these opening lines don’t work when I’m texting her.

3. Email deliverability

So here we are; this is the end. God, I miss you already. But thanks for sticking till the end. So, what’s the point of sending a cold email when your sender is not even getting it in their inbox.

A certain percentage of your emails will never reach the inbox. If these emails all made it through, you’d be wasting time and money sending duplicate content to people who have already seen it or aren’t even interested in your content.

The best way to ensure that your email gets to your intended recipient’s inbox is to backup with a reliable, cloud-based email service that includes spam filtering and virus protection.

One way to get caught by spam filters is to send emails that include links, images, or gifs. We recommend no more than a couple of links per email and no more than one image or gif.

Email attachments can appear suspicious to people who receive them from people they don’t know. This is especially true if the email requests the recipient to open the attachment, because in the past scammers have used attachments to infect computers with malware or viruses.

That would be it. Make sure that you are taking notes and your next cold email campaign is a huge success and makes you a rockstar😁

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