Arpi’s Industries

The Challenge

Arpi’s Industries Ltd. was looking to expand their well-established product and service-based business online. They wanted to develop an e-commerce Parts Store, anticipating a future inventory that could number in the 1000’s.

The Solution

The considerations necessary for Arpi’s online growth and success were integration with their current website; mobile-friendly responsive design that would allow for a good viewing experience on any device; rapid site speed to reduce bounce rate and positively impact SEO; and easy back-end store management.

With this in mind, Cornerstone worked with Arpi’s to evaluate several e-commerce platforms and integration options, and recommended a WooCommerce / WordPress integration. This pairing met all of the essential criteria while also providing anticipated long-term value.

Key Results

With the Parts Store now up and running, Apri’s the site has increased discoverability and relevance for consumers. This is a fantastic case study in how, even within the framework of an existing website, e-commerce functionality can be seamlessly integrated and in-person product and service transactions can be balanced with robust online capability. It’s also a testament to the relationship built between Arpi’s and Cornerstone over the past years as we’ve supported all of Arpi’s website needs and have advised on how to evolve their site to better serve their customers.

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