Arpi’s Industries

The Challenge

Arpi’s Industries website was initially in need of a refresh, and came to Cornerstone to overhaul the design of the website and functionality of the fairly complicated and large menu system that was in place. As we worked with Arpi’s on the redesign, our relationship grew and the scope of the website grew with it. It turned out that Arpi’s was in need of more than just a refresh, they needed a support system to help grow the site in phases as it expanded and evolved over time.

The Solution

Cornerstone finished the original redesign of the Arpi’s website, and revamped the menu system. Upon further discussions with the client, exciting new possibilities were opening up for further development to further enhance the user experience. Cornerstone became a support system for the Arpi’s website and through various phases of development, expanded the site to utilize advanced features and design. Some of the recent enhancements include a client portal addition and the inclusion of interactive training video modules.

Key Results

The relationship built between Arpi’s and Cornerstone showcases the power of going beyond just web development. Depending on the project, Cornerstone has the capacity to offer long term support for our clients, working as a team to produce superior end results.

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