Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids

The Challenge

BB4CK had a very manual process for tracking their lunches, driver routes, and grocery orders. They were looking for a way to help improve and automate these processes through a web application.

The Solution

Working with our partners at RedPoint Media, we planned and architected a complex online system. This system tracks school information and schedules, the lunches they need and when, and dietary restrictions of the children. It then produces easy-to-follow kitchen instructions for the day, as well as optimized driver routes for lunch deliveries. It also produces a variety of information to help with grocery ordering.

Key Results

The result is a highly active online application with over 60 schools integrated within the first school year. It is utilized on a day-to-day basis by the BB4CK organization, saves vast amounts of administrative time, reduces errors and food spoilage, and is highly expandable to additional schools and geographies.

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