Canada Dance Assembly

The Challenge

CDA was looking to reimagine their dance map with easy to navigate functionality and advanced search features. They envisioned “The Largest Dance Map In The World” as an indispensable resource for dancers and dance studios across Canada. They were looking to have a map that would showcase dance studios, troupes, theatres, competitions, and events, while also providing an exploration of the world of dance in Canada.

The Solution

Cornerstone worked with Canadian Dance Assembly to determine key functionality requirements of the dance map. The key strategy was to integrate an in-depth filtered search capability into the map as well as the ability for dance studios to add their listings to the map with ease. This helped make the Canada Dance Map an informative and easy to navigate experience for dancers, dance studios, and all stakeholders.

Key Results

The finished product is a beautiful, fully responsive website based on an interactive map with advanced searching and filtering capabilities. Users can, for example, filter by dance studios and style of dance, across Canada or in their local region, providing a quick view of all of the studios they’re interested in. Looking to catch up on your Salsa or other Latin dance moves? Check out the Canada Dance Map to find out where to go!

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