Cedarglen Homes

The Challenge

Cedarglen Homes wanted a site that would stand out from other home hunters, yet would also include best practice functionality enabling home buyers to easily browse both communities and home models.

The Solution

Cornerstone designed and developed a bright, colourful, and welcoming site, while also communicating that Cedarglen Homes is a reliable and professional home builder. The site is very intuitive and easy to use, incorporating a number of best practices we’ve established over the years, having built a number of home builder sites. First of all, home hunters are able to browse by either community or home models, whichever makes the most sense to them, as the two are seamlessly linked (e.g. when viewing communities, show home models available for that community are displayed and when viewing show home models, communities available for that home model are displayed). Full home model and quick possession lists are also fully linked with communities and home models.

On the community side, we’ve built out a very easy to use map-based community list with key community information so that home buyers can quickly zone in on which communities they’re interested in and click through for more information. Community detail pages include a whole host of information, including community information, school zones, community phase maps, community galleries, show home information, and area sales manager contact info.

The show home list is also easy to filter by communities, square footage, or model type, and is quick to browse with key information displayed for each model. Once the home buyer clicks on a model, they are then provided with detailed information on each home model including a description, photos, floor plans, virtual tours, and area sales manager contact details.

The site was built on Craft CMS as it supports key custom built search and filtering features. It’s also very easy for site administrators to use, so keeping the site up-to-date is a breeze.

The finished product, a fully responsive, CMS-driven website, provides a very elegant and intuitive user experience. Have a look and see for yourself!

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