Domaine Furnishings

The Challenge

Domaine Furnishings has established a strong reputation for providing internationally sought-after brands and personalized interior design service. Led by Ken Sissons and his daughter Emily, their dynamic and engaging furniture showroom is unlike any other and they wanted to bring that experience online as well.

Cornerstone was brought in to design and build an attention grabbing yet intuitive e-commerce website, giving Domaine the platform it needs to reach more potential customers and drive both online sales and in store visits. The site needed to have a strong architecture which would make it easy to browse and navigate the many products.  It also needed to be outstanding visually, in the same way that their showroom is.

The Solution

We partnered with Stunt Pilot, who provided a dramatic design which perfectly reflected the Domaine Furnishing brand.  The design is also has a simplicity and elegance which is often not easy to achieve, lending toward a high level of usability.

We then built the site in Shopify as it provides a strong backbone on which to build e-commerce sites.  Cornerstone worked closely with the client and the design team at Stunt Pilot to built a fully responsive website that showcases Domaine’s high end products well, on any device.  The site also includes key e-commerce functionality including in stock vs. order now items, multiple shipping options (depending on product and location), buy now pay later functionality, and real-time online chat. The back-end is easy for Domaine staff to track and manage orders, while the Shopify platform is also very secure.

Key Results

This was a great partnership with a very strong design team at Stunt Pilot with an end result that we’re all very proud of.  The beautifully designed look is custom to Domaine Furnishings and very accurately reflects both their brand and the integration of video provides the feeling of visiting their show room.

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