Grand Trading

The Challenge

Grand Trading is a Canadian skateboard distribution company which represents the best brands in the business. They needed an e-commerce site to allow their customers (retail shops from coast to coast across Canada) to order easily online and preorder during selected time periods.

The Solution

We created a secured ecommerce site which only their customers can access.  Access is restricted based on individual user accounts which Grand Trading creates and provides to their clients.  The site was built in Shopify as Shopify provides a reliable, scalable, and flexible foundation on which to build ecommerce sites, both now and into the future.

Specialized B2B functionality was created including prebooking rules (certain products are available for preordering at certain times), adjusted invoicing rules (draft orders are created and only converted into invoices once the product has been shipped), and B2B order flow optimization (the ability to order multiple product sizes simultaneously).

In addition, we advised Grand Trading on how to systematize their product data ensuring producers provide it in the correct format so that product features can be properly highlighted and drive product specific filtering and searching options.

Key Results

Grand Trading’s new site has streamlined many aspects of their operations, allowing customers to easily and securely order and preorder stock for their stores.  Grand Trading is also able to maintain and manage all aspects of their online store.

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