Heyday Fermentables

The Challenge

Heyday Fermentables offers a unique product for a niche but quickly growing market. Cornerstone was brought in to design and build an attention grabbing yet intuitive e-commerce website, giving Heyday the platform it needs to grow as a new business. It needed to be informative and show this exciting new product in a visual and interesting way. As well, a unique challenge comes to play when shipping fresh food anywhere in Canada, and the website had to be able to accommodate unique priority shipping options and yet remain simple for customers to use.

The Solution

We used BigCommerce as the starting framework due to its powerful existing infrastructure, and working directly with the client and our team of designers, we designed and built a fully customized website that lets the Heyday products shine. The website is easy to navigate on any platform, while maintaining it’s beautiful and vibrant design. The back-end is easy for Heyday staff to track and manage orders, and within the BigCommerce platform, the website is very secure.

Key Results

Designing and developing an e-commerce website is an “all hands on deck!” type of web development. The Heyday site is built on a beautifully designed custom theme, but also has advanced back-end features built into it, such as priority shipping options for shipping fresh food across Canada. There are extra layers to be considered when developing an e-commerce site, like which platform to build upon, transaction security, back-end development for order tracking and shipping products, in addition to the standard design and development procedures.

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