Hull Services

The Challenge

Hull Services’ website showcases over twenty unique programs and services, each with its own  information details, so their original website was becoming difficult to navigate. Cornerstone was hired to design a new website built with a revamped site organization (Information Architecture and User Experience) while also being implemented in a modern CMS (WordPress) that is easy to explore, manage, and maintain. The ultimate goal was to allow both clients and employees easier and faster access to the information they needed.

The Solution

We started with completely reimagining the sitemap for the site, which included bundling the programs offered into more intuitive groupings. Research into the navigational structure of the old website revealed the navigation bar was confusing, non-descriptive, and acted as a major hurdle for users to find the programs and information they were looking for. Working directly with Hull Services, we were able to develop a User Experience (UX) plan that would make the new site easier to navigate, and intuitive to find relevant information.

Key Results

The new website is not only easy to navigate, but is built on a beautifully designed and custom developed framework. The Hull Services programs were restructured into 3 major categories under a new “Our Services” section, while the UX strategy we developed for the website makes it incredibly intuitive to navigate to the information users need. On the back-end, WordPress allows the client to easily update and expand the site with ease, without having to rely on us for new content. The entire website is an achievement we are proud of and we believe this new website for Hull Services will be a warm welcome to the communities that rely on their services.

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