Jupiter Resources

The Challenge

Jupiter Resources came to Cornerstone looking for a refresh of their current website. They wanted something visually beautiful with a layer of interactivity, built on a modern site structure that was easy to navigate. Combining interactive elements with a fully responsive design across multiple devices and an easy to navigate structure was the ultimate challenge for this project.

The Solution

As the website was to be a visual experience, the key initial focus was to start with a strong overall design before jumping into the technicalities of the site. We worked hand in hand with a design studio, Studio Forum, in order to ensure the final results, once developed, would be the stunning visual experience that the client desired. Once the design phase was completed, our developers coded and implemented the interactive & animated elements, while also focusing on structuring it around an intuitive and approachable sitemap.

Key Results

The new Jupiter Resources website is an interactive and engaging website, animated and responsive across multiple platforms. There is a wide range of animated effects in the new website that creates the desired visual experience the client was seeking. The site features a mouse-over interactive background, hover over effects, an animated and informative timeline, and a visually exciting interactive map.

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