Manitoba Crop Alliance

The Challenge

Cornerstone partnered with Winnipeg-based Ag specialists Think Shift to bring a new website to live for Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA). MCA is a new organization that brings 5 formerly separate commodity groups together under a single banner, so the goal was to readily showcase the breadth of experience and research-findings that these groups jointly offer.

The Solution

The site serves three primary user groups, each with a unique set of goals and ways in which they interact with MCA: Western Canadian farmers, Canadian and international researchers, and MCA Board & Committees. We created distinct journeys for each, allowing for the discovery of relevant resources and access to a farm payment program; a portal for the discovery of past and current research data; and access to gated, internal-facing information via the website.

As a multi-user system, there were specific Content Management System (CMS) requirements that needed to be met. These included gated content functionality and optional content displays, such as news and events. A set of database specifications were developed to allow for comprehensive searchability – from crop-specific PDF’s to research projects based on their contributing authors – and filtering options were applied using a number of different parameters.

Building the site in Craft CMS gave us the capability to address these considerations on a robust, flexible platform.

Key Results

The end result is an information-rich website that presents a unified vision and presence, with several clear-cut pathways for engaging with the material and drilling down to specifics in an intuitive and efficient way. The utility to users is immediately apparent and the MCA fulfills its mandate as a vital resource furthering education and innovation in the agriculture industry.

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