The Challenge

Nerder is a coding company that caters specifically to a unique niche market: marketing agencies. How to design and build a website that attracts the interest of a marketing agency, companies whose entire purpose for existing is to entice potential customers into buying into their clients offerings, is a particularly challenging puzzle.

The Solution

When designing and developing the Nerder website we knew the site had to be colorful, bold, on trend, fast to load, and had to hit all the benchmarks that a digital marketer, with their natural creative eye, would lean into. The key advantage of building a website for a niche marketplace is that if you research the target market enough, you only need to speak to that market and not fret too much outside of that space.

Key Results

The result is a website that is vibrantly and unforgivingly bold, beautifully creative, and most importantly, it’s just pure fun. It’s full of nostalgic imagery, strong white text, and professional copywriting that perfectly describes who Nerder is and why a marketing agency should hire them. A digital marketer stumbling upon the Nerder website would be hard pressed to pass up exploring this website, which is what makes this simple yet striking website a success.

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