Pacific Rim Tonewoods

The Challenge

Pacific Rim Tonewoods is a top supplier of premium wood and sonically graded soundboards for leading guitar makers and luthiers, including Fender, Gibson, Taylor, Takamine, and Martin & Co.

Pacific Rim Tonewoods needed a new site design which accurately reflects their brand, communicates their unique story, and also provides a simple, easy to use online shopping experience.

The Solution

Cornerstone designed a look for the site which communicates their commitment to the environment and ethically sourced products, while also demonstrating their focus on science and their high quality, sonically graded soundboards.  The site also melds a lot of mix media content (text, images and video) in a way that tells their story simply and effectively.

We then built the site in Shopify, providing a reliable and flexible foundation for the site, both now and into the future.  Key online shopping features were configured including multiple product, payment, and shipping options.  In addition, custom product filtering was created so that hundreds of similar products could be browsed quickly and easily (each piece of wood is unique), based upon factors like density, stiffness, and Q values.

Key Results

We are very proud of the end result as we believe it accurately reflects the Pacific Rim Tonewoods brand, communicates their story effectively, and provides an elegant shopping experience.  The site has also been very well received by both Pacific Rim Tonewoods and their many clients.

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