PEO Canada

The Challenge

PEO Canada needed an updated website that would better position them as a top integrated HR outsourcing company. They also needed a site that better showcased and explained their wide range of services.

The Solution

Cornerstone designed a site which positions PEO Canada as an established market leader and provides a wealth of information in an easy to digest format. The site was designed with simplicity in mind, providing a very intuitieve information architecture (how the site is organized), which makes it quick and easy to find whatever the audience needs. The site also boasts a very intuitive user interface, which reinforces the site’s ease of use. The site was developed fully responsive, so it adapts to all devices and screen sizes and was built in WordPress for easy updating by multiple administrators.

The finished product, a fully responsive, CMS-driven website, has been well received by the many companies who use the site.

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