The Challenge

Sproule had developed their new website with another website development agency but that agency did not offer support or post-launch services. As a result, Sproule approached Cornerstone Digital looking to be a long term support partner to help with support and deliver additional modules and functionality into the site. The website was built on the concrete5 CMS platform, which presented some challenges and limitations on making updates as it’s not as widely supported as other CMS systems.

The Solution

Cornerstone Digital worked closely with Sproule to develop a Support Level Agreement which included training, support and maintenance, security and software updates, digital strategy, project management, as well as website design and development. Developments are separated into phases and working together collaboratively, each phase is planned, designed, developed, and released, incrementally improving the experience of the website.

Key Results

By building a relationship with Sproule, the Cornerstone Digital team is consistently growing and adapting the Sproule site to match modern trends and provide new services. The site now features a multilingual option, a new flexible navigation menu, a redesigned course training registration list, a filterted approach to case studies, and a new approach to their consulting services.

Next Steps

As we continue our partnership, we are currently developing a new client portal for Sproule and converting their site from concrete5 to WordPress to allow for easier updates and more functionality and scalability with their website. In addition, a future phase will potentially incorporate e-commerce capabilities.

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