Ruby on Rails Development

railsCornerstone designs and develops custom Ruby on Rails (RoR) applications and websites.  We are committed to developing in RoR and believe that it offers a number of advantages over other programming languages, including:

  • Speed of development – Ruby on Rails allows you to write less code to achieve the same result as in other programming languages.
  • Flexibility – Ruby on Rails is based on the model-view-controller architecture, separating front end display from business logic, providing more modularity and increased flexibility for future development.
  • Quality assurance – Ruby on Rails integrates testing and quality control.
  • Community – Ruby on Rails is an open source project with contributors continuously developing new components (gems).

Examples of web applications developed in Ruby on Rails by Cornerstone Technologies include:

  • Kudos – Cornerstone helped develop the initial version of Kudos built in Ruby on Rails.
  • Calgary Movies – Cornerstone developed the entire website in Ruby on Rails, including back-end Content Management System, Blog engine, custom community functionality (reviews, contests, etc) and integration of movie feed and ad server.
  • Uend – Cornerstone developed the entire Uend website in Ruby on Rails, including donations, community functionality, and back-end Content Management System.

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