Mobile App Development

Looking to build the next Angry Birds or want to ensure your business is omnipresent on mobile devices? We’d be happy to develop it for you.

Before we can begin building you a native mobile app, there’s lots of decisions to be made. Since these can be expensive ventures, we want to help you plan their development in a way that makes sense for your business and target audience. Do you start with iOS or Android? How will you handle updates and bug fixes going forward? We can help you navigate the initial planning stages to design a strategy that works and suits your goals.

One of the great joys of Mobile App Development is the ability to integrate your app’s functions with all the other bells and whistles on your smartphone. Whether it’s the accelerometer or the GPS system, our hotshot developers will make it work like a well oiled machine (please don’t oil your smartphone). Unfortunately this seamless integration can present some challenges and require exhaustive testing and QA to ensure compatibility. Thankfully we take that approach with all of our projects, so you’re in good hands.

Once development and testing of YourApp 1.0 (patent pending) is complete, we are ready to submit it and seek approval from Apple and/or Google before it can be added to their respective app store. This can be an arduous task your first time through the process, but don’t worry we’ve got your back! Thankfully it usually has more to do with the documentation and categorization than the app itself, so we will work with you to get you set up for success. 

Congrats, the app is live in the app store and climbing the charts! One of the challenges with native apps are that they are just that, native to a third party device and OS.  Any changes Apple makes to the iOS can create bugs that didn’t exist in the preceding months.  We can work with your team to stay on top of these OS updates and properly test following each major update to ensure compatibility and up time. 

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We’ve always enjoyed working with the Cornerstone team, as they offer up timely and reliable service when website issues arise.  The work they do is of high quality and I’m happy to recommend them.

Ryan Hall | Bordeaux Developments / Baywest Homes

Cornerstone’s attention to detail and dedication to our project was outstanding. I was thoroughly impressed with all facets of Cornerstone and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Tanya Kaynes | Calgary Zoo

Cornerstone are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They consistently go above and beyond our expectations and find innovative solutions for our problems.

Colin Conboy | CORE Corporate Relocations

Cornerstone supported our transition very well. Their reactions were responsive and professional, and we were able to finish the project within our budget.

Joe Moreau | Revv52

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