About Us

Cornerstone has been one of Calgary's top web development firms since 2004. We specialize in developing complex sites with advanced features, e-commerce capabilities, and custom built web applications. We’ve built a lot of websites. A LOT. In fact, over the last dozen years we’ve built over 300 websites, most were built on Content Management Systems and many of which included E-commerce functionality. That’s a lot of websites, you’d think we were a software building machine! But we aren’t. Deep down, we are people just like you...that’s why it’s fun to work with us.


At Cornerstone we believe in great communication and transparency with our clients, a sense of community and definitely FIG PIE. Trust us FIG PIE is a big part of who we are.

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Our team spans a wide variety of backgrounds, specializes in multiple technical disciplines, and have digital experience dating back to the dawn of the world wide web.

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While we aim to be industry agnostic, believing that everyone needs great web development, there have been a few industries that we’ve had exceptional results in.

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Think you’ve got some FIG PIE in you? Looking to add your formidable, world-class talents to our powerhouse of a shop? Cool.

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