Custom Web Application Development

Looking to take your business online, build a SAAS product, streamline business processes using an online application, or integrate legacy systems? Our experienced designers, developers, and strategists can turn your idea into reality.

Before we can begin building a custom software solution that will revolutionize your business, there’s a lot of requirements gathering and planning involved. We need to ensure that we capture everything that you’d like the application to do, both now and in the future, so that we recommend the right solution for your needs. This is something you definitely want built right the first time and our team will ensure that it’s an elegant and efficient solution that solves the business pain points, without creating new ones.

Design is more than making things look pretty, good application design solves problems, streamlines processes, and enhances the user experience. When it comes to business solutions, many companies sacrifice good design because “it’s just internal facing and no one really cares how it looks”. We disagree as an elegant User Interface is an important factor in overall ease of use and promotes higher user adoption. Let amazing design drive award winning user experiences!

Custom application development requires much more technical know-how than for your typical website. Thankfully our team are rockstars at thinking outside the box and using open source technologies to meet your challenge. Rather that shoehorning every problem into a preferred platform, we always consider all options, which ensures that you get a tailored solution that is the RIGHT FIT for you. We will also thoroughly test it with you and your key stakeholders to ensure that everything operates as expected.

Congrats, the solution is live and changing the way you do business! You and your team own the solution and have been trained to update the content and administer the site. That being said, while you have the keys to the kingdom, we are always available to add new features, fix problems, answer questions, or just catch up for a coffee (we like coffee).

Read more about our PHP, Laravel and Ruby on Rails development services.


We’ve always enjoyed working with the Cornerstone team, as they offer up timely and reliable service when website issues arise.  The work they do is of high quality and I’m happy to recommend them.

Ryan Hall | Bordeaux Developments / Baywest Homes

Cornerstone’s attention to detail and dedication to our project was outstanding. I was thoroughly impressed with all facets of Cornerstone and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Tanya Kaynes | Calgary Zoo

The Cornerstone team have been great to work with. Very professional and knowledgeable.

Allan Reid | Veterans Food Bank of Calgary

Cornerstone are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They consistently go above and beyond our expectations and find innovative solutions for our problems.

Colin Conboy | CORE Corporate Relocations

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Enough about us, we want to hear from you! Got an exciting project in mind? We’d be happy to chat and ideally help you bring it to reality. Don’t be shy, we rarely bite...

    Calgary's Top Custom Web Application Development Company

    Cornerstone Digital has been one of Calgary’s top custom web application design and development companies since 2004. Over the years we’ve built dozens of online businesses, web based SAAS products, and applications which have streamlined business processes for our clients. We leverage a wealth of experience in order to deliver elegant user experiences, build custom web apps efficiently, and deliver reliable solutions. Building a new solution from scratch, integrating with other systems, or just updating and maintaining an existing system? No challenge is too big or small.

    We pride ourselves in developing web based applications that people depend on, bringing forward the best solution for your needs, whether that’s developing in Ruby on Rails (ROR), PHP, or .Net and making use of frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony and Zend Framework. In addition, we provide supporting services including digital strategy, user experience design, graphic design, copy writing, photography and video production. We have the expertise to deliver high-quality, scalable solutions customized to your needs.