PHP Development

logo-php2Cornerstone designs and develops custom PHP applications and websites.  PHP is a very flexible and widely used and supported language which is excellent for developing small applications and custom functionality within websites.  In the past, we have also developed large-scale applications in PHP, but believe that Ruby on Rails now provides a superior platform for this type of development.  PHP provides the following advantages over other programming languages:

  • Speed of development – Small functions are very quick to develop.
  • Flexibility – PHP can be used with a number of different frameworks, or none at all (which can be an advantage or a disadvantage).
  • Community – PHP is an open source project with an active contributor and support community.

Examples of web applications developed in PHP by Cornerstone Technologies include:

  • Paper Umbrella Residences – Cornerstone developed the entire website and membership portal in PHP, including booking engine, membership management, and community features (discussion forum, etc.).
  • Canacol – The entire website is built in PHP, including custom Content Management System.
  • Gran Tierra – The entire website is built in PHP, including an interactive mapping system and custom Content Management System
  • Be’ato – The website is built entirely in PHP, including custom build e-commerce system.
  • Heartwood Homes – Cornerstone developed the entire website in PHP including custom Content Management System and photo gallery.
  • Mob4Hire – Cornerstone assisted with front end development for version 4 of the Mob4Hire website and crowdsourcing engines.

Read about other open source web application frameworks that Cornerstone works with.