Wordpress Development

Cornerstone Digital has been designing and developing websites for both the Calgary market and beyond, since 2005.  Over the years, we’ve built hundreds of Wordpress powered websites, dozens of web apps, and dozens of online stores, empowering companies to use the internet effectively to further their business goals.  Building from scratch, upgrading your current site, or need to integrate with other solutions?  No challenge is too big or small!


Why and When to use WordPress

WordPress is an open source blogging platform that many people are now starting to use as a content management system as well.  It’s very easy to use and even though the built-in functionality is fairly basic, it can be expanded using available modules and plug-ins.

WordPress is ideal for smaller businesses looking for a simple CMS solution that can be quickly implemented and learned by non-technical users.


  • Very easy to use
  • Many free themes, plug-ins and modules available
  • Large and active open source community offering support and updates


  • Not as flexible or scalable as some other platforms
  • Using too many plug-ins can make it difficult to keep it updated with necessary security patches (as updates to the WordPress core often break add-on modules)
  • Is often the target of hackers

Technical Specifications

  • Open source built in PHP and MySQL

WordPress Development

If you are considering a WordPress development or are moving your existing site into WordPress, Cornerstone Technologies has years of expertise that you can use to your advantage. Better yet, we understand that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions and can help you determine if using WordPress is right for you. We’ve been building great looking, functional and easy to maintain sites across a number of platforms for years, so rest easy knowing our advice will be sound.

Check out our portfolio or contact us to get started.

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