Laravel Development

Cornerstone Digital has been designing and developing websites for both the Calgary market and beyond, since 2005. Over the years, we’ve built hundreds of websites, dozens of web apps, and dozens of online stores, empowering companies to use the internet effectively to further their business goals. Building from scratch, upgrading your current site, or need to integrate with other solutions? No challenge is too big or small!

Why and When to use Laravel

Laravel is an MVC (model-view-controller) based web application framework build in PHP. The benefits of Laravel are rapid development and deployment as it supports many typical tasks such as caching and user management without much configuration or customization. It boasts a large user base and active community and is suited for almost any set of requirements. Since it’s build in PHP, it’s performance is excellent and it is able to be deployed on almost any web environment. Cornerstone uses Laravel for custom web applications where an existing CMS or application won’t support the requirements.

Laravel also has a younger sibling called Lumen, which is a micro-framework that includes much of the same functionality as Laravel, but without most of the display layer to make it a much smaller package. Lumen is designed for micro web services and APIs, and speeds up development by providing an immediate platform for service development without all of the bloat of a fully-featured application.

Both Laravel and Lumen support quality assurance testing and recursion testing via phpunit.

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