CRAFT CMS Development

Craft has been designed from the ground up to handle all types of content without much difficulty.

logo-craftIt features a very user-friendly, cleanly designed administrative interface that makes updates a breeze. It also features a lovely ‘Live Preview’ feature that allows you to bring up a split-screen view. This view will show you what your entry currently looks like alongside its edited counterpart – as you make changes in real time.

While it boasts a fast-developer plug-in community, the off-the-shelf install of Craft gives you most of what you need right out of the box. A limited use of plug-ins can make updating the core CMS software a lot easier. One click, in fact.

And while Craft isn’t free, it’s cost is very small – $2-300 depending on what you need. It’s also backed by a real, live company so getting support direct from the source is very easy.