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    Nerder Website

    Selling services to a niche market requires specific website needs. Nerder is a coding and web development company that caters specifically to marketing agencies. It offers fast and efficient coding solutions for agencies that might need an extra boost in resources to meet timelines and requirements for particularly challenging projects. Building a website that attracts…

  • View Post Hull Services Website Launched

    Hull Services Website Launched

    Hull Services’ website showcases over twenty unique programs and services, each with its own  information details, so their original website was becoming difficult to navigate. Cornerstone was brought in to design a new website built with a revamped site organization (Information Architecture and User Experience) while also being implemented in a modern CMS (WordPress) that…

  • View Post Heyday Fermentables Website Launched

    Heyday Fermentables Website Launched

    Heyday Fermentables offers a unique product for a niche but quickly growing market. Cornerstone was brought in to design and build an attention grabbing yet intuitive e-commerce website, giving Heyday the platform it needs to grow as a new business. It needed to be informative and show this exciting new product in a visual and…

  • View Post SpringBoard DM Website Launched

    SpringBoard DM Website Launched

    Cornerstone developed and launched a new website for Springboard DM. This brand new site was built on WordPress to allow ease of use for internal updating and editing. The new Springboard DM website is fully responsive, making it accessible across all mobile and tablet devices.

  • View Post Canadian Dance Assembly: The Dance Map

    Canadian Dance Assembly: The Dance Map

    Canadian Dance Assembly came to Cornerstone looking to reimagine their dance map with easy to navigate functionality and advanced search features. They envisioned “The Largest Dance Map In The World” as an indispensable resource for dancers and dance studios across Canada. They were looking to have a map that would showcase dance studios, troupes, theatres,…

  • View Post Sproule


    Sproule had developed their new website with another website development agency but that agency did not offer support or post-launch services. As a result, Sproule approached Cornerstone Digital looking to be a long term support partner to help with support and deliver additional modules and functionality into the site. The website was built on the…