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  • View Post What does TLS, SSL and SET mean to your E-commerce business?

    What does TLS, SSL and SET mean to your E-commerce business?

    With the rapid growth in the internet over the past years and, more importantly, the popularity of online shopping, online security is an increasingly vital element of E-commerce. Specifically, online shoppers need to feel completely confident that their credit card and banking details are secure and can’t be accessed by hackers. SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) was…

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  • View Post Will E-commerce kill Walmart?

    Will E-commerce kill Walmart?

    The question really is – will the Amazon juggernaut run down smaller brick and mortar stores like Walmart and Target, even beating their online sales to death as well? Amazon has clearly stomped all over Walmart, by not only beating them with their online sales, but by encroaching on Walmart’s vast range of staple products…

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  • View Post SEO update: Increase your conversions and sales using Schema

    SEO update: Increase your conversions and sales using Schema

    If you participate in any sort of online marketing, you must have heard of rich snippets. These are the short descriptions and images that Google displays in their search results, which gives searchers a summary of your web page or post. Rich snippets improve the visibility of your webpages in the search results, because search…

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  • View Post 5 Questions With… Cory

    5 Questions With… Cory

    We asked the uber-talented front-end developer Mr. Cory Shadt a few questions about stuff. Here’s what he had to say: 1. What is your favourite part about working at Cornerstone? “Working with such a knowledgeable and easy going team is great, as is having the chance to work on some very interesting projects where I can…

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  • View Post What Does HTTP/2 Mean to Your Business?

    What Does HTTP/2 Mean to Your Business?

    Digital technology has changed dramatically over the past ten to twenty years and the internet is now a permanent fixture in our lives. All you have to do is to think back to the early days and your very first website to know that the internet is an ever changing beast. There is however, one…

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  • View Post Does Your Website Need HTTPS?

    Does Your Website Need HTTPS?

    HTTP is an internet protocol that allows your browser to request web pages from the World Wide Web; HTTPS on the other hand, is a combination of HTTP and SSL. Secure Sockets Layer or SSL are cryptographic protocols that provide security to communications that take place across the internet. So HTTPS allows you to not…

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