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  • View PostOutside Edge Business Advisors Website Design & Development

    Outside Edge Business Advisors Website Design & Development

    Outside Edge Business Advisors is an exciting new venture started by a Calgary-based business expert, entrepreneur and former professional athlete. The goal was to communicate the value that fresh business thinking and perspective brings to the firm’s clients, while also referencing the founder’s competitive skiing background in the design. Cornerstone was tasked with branding, design…

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  • View PostCanadian Dance Assembly: The Dance Map

    Canadian Dance Assembly: The Dance Map

    Canadian Dance Assembly came to Cornerstone looking to reimagine their dance map with easy to navigate functionality and advanced search features. They envisioned “The Largest Dance Map In The World” as an indispensable resource for dancers and dance studios across Canada. They were looking to have a map that would showcase dance studios, troupes, theatres,…

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  • View PostRentcharlie site launched!

    Rentcharlie site launched!

    Cornerstone is pleased to announce the launch of Rentcharlie’s new website; The site is a fully responsive custom web application built using Ruby, featuring the ability to create profiles, post rental items, and geo-target your searches.

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  • View PostWFCCA Credit Tracking System Launched

    WFCCA Credit Tracking System Launched

    We’re very proud to announce the launch of the new credit tracking application for WFCCA – the Wholesale Floor Covering Credit Association of Canada. This project was one of the largest and most complex we’ve worked on here at Cornerstone, and we’re exceptionally pleased with the finished product. This system, built with Ruby on Rails,…

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  • View PostWhat Does HTTP/2 Mean to Your Business?

    What Does HTTP/2 Mean to Your Business?

    Digital technology has changed dramatically over the past ten to twenty years and the internet is now a permanent fixture in our lives. All you have to do is to think back to the early days and your very first website to know that the internet is an ever changing beast. There is however, one…

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  • View PostDoes Your Website Need HTTPS?

    Does Your Website Need HTTPS?

    HTTP is an internet protocol that allows your browser to request web pages from the World Wide Web; HTTPS on the other hand, is a combination of HTTP and SSL. Secure Sockets Layer or SSL are cryptographic protocols that provide security to communications that take place across the internet. So HTTPS allows you to not…

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