SharePoint Intranet In A Box

It’s safe to say that the need to effectively support remote-working has never been more prevalent. A well-setup intranet can serve as the backbone for business communication and collaboration, allowing employees to easily access critical information from any device, at any time. Cornerstone has sourced a collection of tools which cover off most everything you'd want in an intranet, a solution we're calling our Intranet In A Box. And whatever's not currently there can be easily added it as it's all built upon SharePoint, the leading framework for building intranets and automating business processes.

Why SharePoint?

SharePoint has excelled as an Intranet solution since 2001 as it’s easy to use, integrates with many of the tools you already use (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, and more), and can be customized and extended to do exactly what you need. And best of all, it’s affordable as well as SharePoint Online is available as part of most Office 365 plans, such as “Business Basic” (formerly “Business Essentials”), starting at only $6.40 CAD month/user.

Over 85% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint as part of Office 365.

SharePoint not only offers best-of-breed Document Management, Search, and Content Management capabilities, but is also very flexible, and can be easily integrated with other systems, and customized to your liking.

Why Intranet In A Box?

Setting up a SharePoint intranet from scratch can be difficult and time consuming. Even though many ready-to-use features are included with SharePoint, it is still considered a “framework”. This means that customizations are sometimes required, whether it be look-and-feel, or the development of additional components and features to satisfy the needs of your business.

That’s where Cornerstone’s Intranet In A Box solution comes in – it’s a convenient set of pre-built templates and components that can be applied to your existing SharePoint environment, to take it to the next level. Think of it as an intranet accelerator kit which will speed up the deployment of your intranet to a matter of days or weeks, rather than months, and will save a great deal of time and cost in the process.

Cornerstone’s Intranet In A Box is easy to use (it’s designed with the user in mind), quick to deploy (we can implement standard features in just two to four weeks), can be used across devices (it looks great on a phone or tablet), can be customized to your brand (outfit it with your logo, colors, and other brand guidelines), and it all lives in the Cloud (requiring very little maintenance).

Displaying intranet on a computer, tablet and mobile device.

Cornerstone Digital‘s Intranet In A Box solution offers an array of features and components which aren’t standardly available in SharePoint or provide a more advanced feature set. Many of these features are derived from years of building custom intranets and gaining an understanding of the most highly sought-after components and functionality demanded by intranet users.

Some of our features and modules include:

  • Pre-built themes and page templates
  • News publishing
  • Event Hub
  • Polls
  • Advanced Mega-menu
  • FAQs
  • Important Announcements
  • Job Board
  • Analytics
  • Multilingual support for up to 20 languages
  • Advanced People Search
  • Responsive web layout
  • Mobile versions for Android & iOS

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