Outside Edge Business Advisors

The Challenge

Outside Edge is an exciting new venture founded by Calgary-based entrepreneur, Laura Tennant. In starting a business advising firm, Laura wanted to communicate the value of the fresh perspective her team would bring to clients, while also referencing her competitive skiing background in the design. Cornerstone was tasked with brand and website development.

The Solution

Through design iterations we arrived at a logo that symbolized the successful relationship between client and advisor, and that also pays subtle homage to ski tracks in the snow. Both the colour palette and free-hand edges give it a distinctive yet professional feel.

The website introduces viewers to the brand through a sweeping panoramic video sequence that captures attention and focuses the viewer. Through the use of uplifting, inspirational outdoor shots, we created a metaphor for the business journey, augmenting each sequence with messages that succinctly tie the visuals back to relatable business challenges and solutions. Signature colours and motion effects present a dynamic experience as the visitor scrolls through the site.

Key Results

Overall, both the brand and website work together to convey the extraordinary insight and expertise that make Outside Edge such a compelling choice for entrepreneurs. The creative speaks to the core values behind the business, and communicates the enormous opportunity that working Outside Edge presents for clients. We’re honored to have been a part of the journey!

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