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5 Questions With… Cameron Prockiw

5 Questions With… Cameron Prockiw

Cam is our benevolent leader here at Cornerstone. As CEO his responsibilities are intense, to be sure, but he still manages to remain relatively human. Read on!

1. What is your favourite part about working at Cornerstone?

Pushing the boundaries and learning new technologies. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest trends and introduces something new to just about every project, so we’re constantly learning new things.

2. Which super power would you like to have?

Definitely the ability to fly!  I’m an avid traveler, so being able to fly would cut down on airport wait times.

3. Is there a trend for 2015 that gets you excited? Terrified?

This may not become a reality for a few more years, but I can’t wait for self-driving cars.  This will change our concept of cities and communities more than we can imagine (not to mention that I really dislike commuting).

4. What is your least favourite thing about the Internet?

Definitely internet trolls.  I still like discussions on message boards and social media groups, but more and more they’re becoming overrun with negativity from trolls.  It’d be a much better internet if people treated each other the same way as they would if they were in the real world.  Make peace not war!

5. If you won the lottery today, what would you do tomorrow?

The same thing as I’m doing today!  Ok, that’s a cop-out… I’d probably take a trip someplace exotic.  Maybe Japan or China.

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